48 Hours in Montreal

One weekend, one subversive (literally) underground party, some Quebec culture and plenty of personal editorial.

Listen to the mp3s. I’m going to try this as an alternative to text and video blogging from time to time, particularly when I travel. Hope you like.

Clip #1 – Exploding Airplanes
Clip #2 – Concordia
Clip #3 – Metro Party
Clip #4 – Cabane a Sucre



  1. kevin bracken · April 5, 2007

    The third clip was phenomenal đŸ™‚ It gave me chills listening to your account of our party! And by “our” I mean “our” in the broadest sense; this party belonged not to Newmindspace, but to MontrĂ©al!


  2. kayorsonsweaver · April 5, 2007

    Well thanks for doing the legwork to make it happen. Sadly we have noise bylaws on the train in Calgary, otherwise…

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