That reference from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is good advice these days, especialy in light of the frenzy being whipped up by the media over this “economic disaster.” Given that I don’t much frequent the mainstream media I think I’ve been a bit isolated from the mania, but come on people.

The AIG story is the perfect example. So some financial bigwig shitsticks got $160 million in bonuses thanks to a government bailout of their failed company. Yeah that’s unscrupulous and dirty, but as someone recently said on NPR’s Planet Money podcast – “Fine, we’ll just deduct that $160 million from their next $300 billion dollar bailout cheque.” What is that as a percentage? Doesn’t even register. Kind of puts it in perspective. The media has managed to smoke screen the entire nation with what amounts to a penny sideshow while many other issues are still burning away on the hillside. You goddam fucking sheep.

Now these are ripe times for conspiracy theorists, the collapse was planned, Obama’s a socialist, China’s taking over. While I think most conspiracy theories start with a grain of truth where they run afoul is just how far they take their conclusions, usually without considering other evidence. Was this this planned? To an extent, in so far as there are big, powerful people who knew it was coming and have been preparing to turn it all to their advantage. Its not like someone pushed the self-destruct button on the economy, but some people knowingly helped it along yes.


Well the answer is simply one of power. These are the same people who ran monopolies back in the day before they were made illegal. This is a great time for people with liquid assets to buy up severely discounted companies and property cons0lodating more and more power into fewer and fewer hands. This crosses notions of nationality, as corporations long have. Its no more a Chinese or Saudi takeover than it is a Russian or Iclandic one. National boundaries mean nothing in the global economy, what matters is class. The ultra-rich the world over are the beneficiaries, the working stiffs the losers.

This video in particular kind of bugged me, because his fevered conspiracy theory is incomplete and does injustice to his very prudent advise to increase your self-sufficiency by starting to grow your own food. You see he never figures on WHY an economic collapse would be engineered. If someone indeed has planned it all out they’d be stupid to bring us to the point where we had no food, ’cause that’s when the rioting and the looting would start. On the other hand consolidating the food supply and slowly raising the prices would be a terribly effective ploy to take control of a people.

Food really is the key. If you think about it big chain groceries and big agriculture pretty much have us completely hemmed in. Look at how agressively Monsanto’s been pursuing their genetically modified crops. The real concern shouldn’t be about health, it should be about their ability to OWN the very DNA of your food. Already they’re suing farmers if Monsanto owned strains are found in their fields, even if carried there by the winds. Monsanto is forcing third world nations to use their products whe they recieve food aid. Some strains don’t even germinate meaning seeds need to be bought from Monsanto every single season.

Control of the food supply should scare you a lot more than stocks and derivatives and mortgages.

The stock market is a speculative economy that sits on top of the real economy like a piece of tracing paper. At the end of the day if you strip away the stock market we still have food, cars, factories, houses, etc. None of that goes away. That’s the magic of money, it SEEMS real and important, but really its not. All it is is a structure to control our interactions with each other. Its useful on many levels, but people have twisted and manipulated it to the point that its become a cruel and powerful tool for control. So if it all collapses… well we’ll figure out another way to live together, without bankers and hedge fund managers. Hmmm, that sounds like a happy world.