The Impossibility of it all

Keeping up with a blog, being attentive to what’s being written there so as to avoid tipping your hand or offending someone you don’t even know, having a life AND writing about it. Daunting.

Well I just bought a DIY external HDD, its formatting right now. This will solve my growing storage problem. Uncompressed video is a bitch but if I’m going to work on these UE videos and the WestJet TAC video I’m going to need the space.

Less than two months to go to Montreal. There’s a lot to do. There’s even more to get rid of. So much junk floating around this apartment…

Got my first parking ticket. Failed to notice that I was parked in front of a fire hydrant. Fortunately its cheap, but still a pain in the arse. If it weren’t for the twenty parking spots taken up by the goddam construction site out back this wouldn’t have been a problem. As it is I’m fighting to find a spot reasonably close to home and Stampede will only make it worse.

.ds and Libby are leaving for the UK, only to be replaced by another Aussie, Dirge who I think I’ll start calling bitey since her patented move when wrestling with me is to bite my biceps. I still have marks on my left arm from two weeks ago.

There has been lots of partying and drinking. June was an insane month. Too much going on. Too much out of town activity. The apartment has suffered for it. So did my bank account. Fortunately work is booming right now, so I don’t think it’ll be an issue. Next purchase will be a widescreen LCD, maybe a video projector, oh and I need to fix my tent (or get a new one) and replace the tires on the car, fix the window crank… fuck. Expenses expenses.

Okay, there’s a halfhearted update for those that care. I’ll be back with more wit soon.