Continuing as promised, though I kind of want to delve into the world of drugs a bit I will none the less talk a bit about politics. This entry will be brief, but it’ll be followed up by more material when I have a less pressing demand for sleep.


Since my last entry Obama has been chosen to be the next president of the United States. I’ll admit, I listened to NPR live coverage on the computer and relentlessly clicked refresh on the CNN electoral map the whole night, trapped in my baggage office dungeon in the bottom of the airport. I went and had a celebratory drink with the ‘lil Lady. I was happy. But…

I have yet to drink the Obama Kool-Aid. I just don’t buy the CHANGE message the way a lot of people do. Yes Obama has managed to inspire people, but really my generation didn’t turn out at the polling booths much more than they usually do. Why? Because a fair number of them probably feel the same way I do. It doesn’t matter how you dress a politician up – they’re really all the same. Watching Obama over these past two years we’ve seen him get softer and softer, and more and more cozy with the old Washington game.

Obama will slow down the collapse of western civilization, but he won’t stop it. Though who knows. Did he say what he said to win the election? Or is he really ready to compromise that much? I don’t know.

My generation is largely uninterested in politics, because we’re deeply cynical about it. Every politician lies, changes face, does things they said they’d never do. Every government has its scandals. There are scant few who truly stand up for what they believe the world could be, and of them most are crushed by the system they seek to change.

So why would we vote? Frankly the whole thing is a sham, and sadly there are millions of people so successfully brainwashed that the votes of a few intelligent, thoughtful people are frequently drowned out by the masses of frightened and uninformed, see proposition 8 in California.

So… I don’t have that much faith that things will change from above. But maybe people are roused enough that things will start to happen from below. We’ll see.

On a related topic – where do I get my news and information from. Well, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and numerous online blogs and podcasts. Mainstream news media – bleh. Forget it. They’re all complicit, and when they try to question the status quo and move a little bit beyond the talking points they’ve been handed… they disappear.

Next up. The Internet.