Just another day

Things are ramping up at an impressive pace right now. Job interviews, calls for work, dream jobs to apply for, web series to create and a big Burner event to throw. And that’s just the past few days.

Its hard to know what to do next. When to rest. How to rest. My body aches and my mind is racing. I want to do it all but I find it almost impossible to figure out what’s a priority right now. It seems like there’s so many balls in the air and all of them tasty and awesome. My resources, time, money, hard drive space are all limited. At least there will soon be a bit of money coming in.

On top of all this professional and artistic activity my personal life is also hot as a white hot poker. Flying to San Fran Disco tomorrow for Halloween and Star’s birthday. I’m supposed to meet with a friend there as well but I don’t think it’ll fit into the schedule. Doesn’t seem like there’s enough time.

Yet I’m really happy and really invigorated. I know that I’m going to accomplish some amazing things in the coming months and years. I see a life that’s more and more in alignment with my principles and my passions. I can make a living making art and travelling. Yep. Definitely. Its exciting. But right now there’s a lot of groundwork to be done, to get ready, to set the wheels in motion, to get to the next level.

And yet I can’t neglect my human needs. Days off to just lounge about. Good food. Good friendships. A good relationship. Self care, fun, relaxation and excitement all together. Balance is key. Yaaaargh!

so much crazy

so much good