One Month

Thus marks the end of my first month of tracking my expenses. All in all an excellent project and one that will continue for at least a few more months.

Some results;

Food – I spent less than I expected at the grocery store, only $288. Pretty impressive. I thought I’d spend $15 a day on food but it turns out I can get by quite happily on less than $10. It also made me much more aware of what I was buying and eating, I think making me less wasteful.

On the other hand I spent $179.00 on eating out. Now to put that in perspective I think I went out to eat somewhere between 5 and 10 times this month. Assuming I eat three meals a day we’re talking about roughly 10% of my meals. Some were fancy dinners, others were just a $5 sandwich. The point though is clear. The average restaurant meal costs the same as two days worth of home cooked meals.

Going out to eat is nice for a lot of reasons and I’m not going to stop, but it is an area to keep an eye on for sure. Those appetizers and glasses of wine add up quick!

The other area that got me by surprise was art supplies. I bought a lot of dodads and thingamagigs for my art project and to outfit my workshop. Not tons, but I should expect that I’m going to buy stuff like that and incorporate it into my budget.

Aside from that everything else was pretty much in line with what I expected. Put a big chunk of change on my credit cards, paying one off and getting the second started on the road to non-existence.

January is traditionally a rough month financially. Bills from Christmas but no pay cheques from the off period. I did okay. Some of the work I did this month will see the cheques arriving in February so I’ll be off to a good start. If I want to continue making headway though I need to bring in more. The work I have lined up now is enough to cover all my expenses but not enough to put much towards my debit or to invest in the future. So, this week I’m going to start taking the steps to bring that work and money in.

First step – finish upgrading the computer.


This also marks the one year anniversary of me quitting my job at The Jet.

I look back and I think – its a start. I was hoping for a bit more jet setting adventure, but work was harder to come by than I’d expected and it also took a long time for me to get my head out of my ass as to how to get started on creating my own work. But it has started and with two years of flight benefits left you can bet I’m going to take advantage.