Thunder Thunder! THUNDER!

Yesterday morning when I dragged myself into the lunchroom at work at 0600 I was more than a little bit surprised to find Thundercats playing on the big TV. Nearly everyone was mesmerized by it, singing the theme song, reminiscing about playing with the toys, etc. Turns out one of the agents Mike brought in a Thundercats DVD and as we talked it turned out that he’s got Voltron DVDs, Ghostbuster DVDs, etc. When I told him about my Cartoon Afternoon at the Living Room Cinematheque his jaw just about fell off.

What a strange synchronicity. Only a couple of weeks after I do my cartoon thing we start watching cartoons in the lunchroom and I discover a real affectionado along with plenty of people keen on watching old cartoons. The next Cartoon Afternoon will be a blowout I think.

After that we started watching The Goonies. Well shit, there’s no better way to make me long for the Labyrinth in Minneapolis or the catacombs of Paris. I need to get out to some crazy UE.

Finally, I get the car tomorrow. Its a momentous day. My first car. I’m excited, but a small part of me is sad that this era of no emissions is over for me. There’s a touch of guilt.

But now, I’m tired. I’m going to take a short nap, edit some videos, then hopefully go see a free concert at Olympic Plaza and then explore Penny Lane before they tear the rest of it down.


Frame by Frame

Well I finally started working on my film review blog Frame by Frame. Unfortunately I discovered that part of my “marketing” plan isn’t going to work. See every time I review or critique a film on YouTube or similar services I was going to include a link in the comments to the review. Helpful, polite and it would probably generate quite a bit of traffic. The problem? In order to defeat spambots YouTube doesn’t allow the posting of URLs or email addresses. Fuckers.

On a related note I think the new Internet 2.0 is actually dumbing down its user base. All you have to do is check out the crap that finds its way to YouTube, read someone’s wall on facebook or look at the comments on the end of a news story and you’ll see a disturbing trend. A combination of low brow humour, illiteracy and petty squabbling. What a bunch of losers our species is.

The signal to noise ratio on this planet is going off the chart.

Interpret this!

I just had a bizare dream about evil involving nearly drowning while draining, Donald Rumsfeld and a trap door in his office that sucks in evidence, a DVD menu consisting of sliced off faces in a creek and a blacklight/LED/origami creation that’s somehow the embodiment of all things evil. There was also something about lego and old photographs.

I woke up a bit disturbed to say the least, which is why I’m distracting myself with Internet instead of going straight back to sleep.

Fuck that was weird.

Sine Wave

Many times I have likened my life to a sine wave propegating through space. Whenever things get low I know they will bounce back up with the same or higher amplitude. It helps me to get through those low times.

As a testament to how deep in the Styx I was yesterday my Burning Man ticket finally arrived in the mail and I left it lying on the living room coffee table where it could get lost, cumpled up or covered in food scraps. I only left the house to go to the post office and even that seemed like an arduous task.

Today however I have redeemed myself by giving (parts of) the apartment a good cleaning, listening to WNYC’s On the Media and Radio Lab (both outstanding podcasts) which were informative and thought provoking. Doing some grocery shopping and generally getting back on my feet.

I’m considering getting a Macbook for my video editing needs, largely because Final Cut Pro is the sweetest NLE software going and having a portable editing workstation would be a real boon, allowing me to get editing tasks done anywhere, anytime. Now that Macs are using Intel chipsets I can even setup a dual boot system with Windows so I don’t need to be stuck with Mac software if I don’t want to be. Sweet.

Also had a chat with the ‘rents regarding the car. About $1800 worth of work and it’ll be in excellent condition. Not a bad price, especially when they’re going to chip in to the tune of $1000 as my birthday gift. I should have it by the end of the month.

Let’s see, what else? Part of me wants to wax philosophical, but I think I’ll save that for right now. I actually feel motivated to do cleaning and organizing and that’s a rare thing to let slip away. So, for now, adieu. Life is good.

The Power of their Force…

I must say I was pretty stoked today when I did a search of Jim Henson films on the Internet and discovered that they’re making a sequel to The Dark Crystal. Power of the Dark Crystal looks and sounds pretty impressive, and its great to see another addition to this wonderful fantasy revival that’s been going on in movies over the past few years.

The first time I saw The Dark Crystal was at the Macquarie University Film Society in Sydney. Everyone poured into one of the lecture halls with drinks and snacks and pillows and we watched an original 35mm print. It was pretty amazing. I’ll be eagerly following the production diary. I hope its fairly detailed so that I can experience the set vicariously.


I just submitted my accreditation for the Worldwide Short Film Festival for the third year in a row. More free screenings, parties, festival swag and hob nobbing. Did I mention the free booze? Hmmmm yes. Free booze. A message to all liquor companies out there. I pay attention to which companies support my favourite festivals and I in turn support them. I used to buy Jameson’s Whiskey until they stopped sponsoring WSFF. I drink Skyy Vodka because they sponsor Fairy Tales. Think about it. Sponsorship pays. Filmmakers are well known for their irresponsible drinking habits. Now, back to our program.

In a similar vein, lending more validity to the connection between alcohol and film Brian and I are going to a reception at the Big Rock brewery on Monday for our Eddie submission Scrabble. A free case of beer and a t-shirt is really all the motivation I need to make a short film. Let’s do another!

The past few nights I’ve had a Couch Surfer here from Germany. Sadly I can’t even remember her name because I’ve been so busy working. I shot two house tours this week and I have another one tomorrow. Business is brisk, but I’ve already streamlined my workflow down to the point that I’m making about $50 an hour. Not too shabby. I feel pretty flush actually, its good to be making decent money for once.

The house yesterday didn’t go off entirely without problems though. The house is empty, the realtor just bought it up and is in the process of flipping it with a whole bunch of repairs and renos. Anyways I seriously had to take a dump so I used the upstairs bathroom, only to find that the water was shut off. I tried gathering water from every tap in the house to fill the toilet tank but to no avail. I finally managed to find the water main and switch it back on long enough to dispose of the evidence. I know too well from my UE adventures how wonderful month old shit can smell.

Fuck what else? I’ve got a Cartoon Afternoon screening at my place tomorrow. Hopefully a decent crowd shows up. I think I’ve got about six confirmed and a dozen maybes. Could be crazy, but I think its going to be a heap of fun. I even went so far as to dig up a bunch of old 80’s TV commercials to screen along with the cartoons.

My life is filling up with beautiful, artistic, intelligent people. I’m really enjoying life, and I’m getting lots done. My productivity is skyrocketting. In some ways I’m sad to be moving to Montreal, what with so much starting to happen here, but I know Montreal is going to be even better. I’ve started the process of getting a transfer with WestJet, everything is falling into place.

Now I’m just waiting for mom and dad to get their new car so I can start tearing around in their old one.

So, in a nutshell. Life is friggin’ fantastic. Why? Because I’m keeping a positive mindset and that’s bringing positive things into my life. It really feels almost effortless. Wickedcool!