I Live in a Role Playing Game

I used to be a role playing nut. Oh yes. Uber geek city. That was me. Through high school and most of university my spare time revolved around goblins and robots, magic and hit points. I was a game master, player and yes even a published writer of RPG supplements. I still have several partially completed manuscripts on my hard drive for various RPG world books, sourcebooks and adventures. It really captured my imagination and provided many a happy memory and friendship.

Recently I dug up some of my old RPG books and tried to sell them on craigslist, without much success I’m afraid. You see I don’t need RPGs anymore, in fact they pale in comparison compared to my real life. The whole point of RPGs was that they took you into this amazing alternative world where you could be an elven warrior or an alien martial artist or anything your imagination could concoct in concert with the rules of whatever system you were using. Eventually my life took enough turns that my real life started to more and more resemble those fanciful worlds and eventually to eclipse them.

It really started when I went to Australia in 2000/2001. That’s where I joined the Cave Clan and started having real life adventures. Its continued ever since.

Today I can proudly say I’ve been behind Niagara Falls in a power station designed by a mad scientist, I’ve ridden a giant mechanical dinosaur (a few actually), I’ve endured dust storms, abseiled into deep mine shafts, run from security guards, and climbed up to mountaintop temples. To top it all off I’m dating a psychic witch descended from pirates. Sorry, but this is a thousand times better than rolling a natural twenty.

Now if only I could sell those books to someone who’s life is a little bit less interesting…

One Hour Breakfast

With me quitting my job and beginning to travel there’s a lot of uncertainty in my future. I don’t consider that a bad thing. In fact I think its a very good thing. The unknown is where we find some of the most interesting things and meet some of our greatest challenges. As an explorer its the place I’m most comfortable, even if sometimes its difficult or scary. I’ve got the wits to deal with it.

But its also gotten me to thinking. What do I know about my future? What is in my control?

I’ve already decided a few things, like that I’m going to make a conscious effort to journal on a regular basis, to do morning pages and artist dates. Whatever jobs I get and whatever money I make I’ll put 20% of it away in investments (probably alt-energy). But today I decided another thing that I’m going to take control of and hold fast to.

The One Hour Breakfast

I realized that one of the most delightful things about weekends and vacations is the simple pleasure of a delicious, healthy, unrushed breakfast. There is an amazing pleasure that can be had from this simple act of self-care every morning, and yet so often we either rush through it or let it slide completely. I don’t think that’s sensible anymore. Afterall, how you start your day is a pretty good indicator for how the rest of your day is going to be. I used to wake up less than an hour before I had to go to work. In that time I got dressed, took a shower and hopefully cobbled together some sort of breakfast and scarfed it down just in time to rush out the door. On a bad day I’d miss the breakfast segment entirely and just grab a muffin or some doughnuts when I got to work.

Today I decided I wasn’t going to do that. I had no breakfast food in the house so I went to the store with a good breakfast in mind. When I got home I made myself a bowl of yogourt with raisin bran and maple syrup, grapefruit with sugar and St-Viateur bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon with a glass of hot Jell-O on the side. I sliced and spread slowly and mindfully, savouring every bite asĀ  I chatted with Keith and skimmed articles in my RSS feed. Allowing a full hour for breakfast vastly changes the activity and it becomes a much more pleasurable and relaxed duty, because it IS a duty to body and mind to get prepared and energized for the day.

So from here on in I’m going to take an hour for breakfast. It may mean getting up earlier (and hence going to bed earlier) or starting the rest of my day a bit later. It will mean less time somewhere else, but it means more quality time and really, what more could I ask for?