The McCain/Palin boat is taking on water so badly that one has to ask… was this the plan all along? I seriously doubt that McCain’s handlers could possibly be this inept. I don’t hold these two in much esteem at all, but the shadowy figures in smoke filled rooms that pull their strings are certainly clever, devious little devils. Surely this is all part of some wild scheme designed to…

Designed to what? Swing the nation into another direction, just enough to prevent outright disaster and rebellion but maintain the status quo enough to give the real powers that be breathing room? That’s my only thought. I mean vote Democrat or Republican, it really just amount to chosing southeast or due east, knowing that there’s a cliff to the east – you’re going over it either way, its just a matter of angles and timing. Want to avoid it? Well that’d involve some really radical direction changes, but there’s too many people with too much invested to allow that.


I think maybe this is the least important election in US history, because things are going to change in a massive way no matter what.

Fellow Canadians, we have frontrow seats to the greatest show on earth. Please remember to wear your protective clothing.

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