Magic Bag vs. Glowing Titties

Its a great example of how to live – the Magic Bag vs. Glowing Titties. Let me explain…

I got dressed up for SantaCon last night, an annual rampage of yuletide cheer by throngs of people dressed as Santa Claus from pub to pub spreading a different kind of non-commercial holiday cheer. I brought with me a red bag full of assorted goodies like mints and chocolates. In order to add a bit of magic I also tossed in a few bright red LEDs to provide an otherworldly glow.

Early in the night a woman took a shining to the red lights, took two and placed them in her bra resulting in some rather eye catching glowing red titties. This then became the running joke of Rudolph’s cousin reindeer – Naughty. Part of me really wanted those LEDs back. I mean the whole point was to have a magical glowing bag, not for a dancing woman with glowy nipples and reindeer antlers to prance around. And then it struck me. Who am I to say what’s best? I mean the glowing nipples were a real hit. She kept them in all night long, and I think they had more impact than any glowing bag ever would.

So the point is this. Have a plan, do cool crazy things, and when they morph into something else crazy and cool, don’t have a kneejerk reaction to things going “off plan” but rather appreciate the spontaneous magic that happens when you just let it.

Glowing titties indeed.

Crunch Crunch

Okay. I get it. I’ve got a little bit of an idea what those damn ice storms are all about now. It was snowing, now its raining, and yet the air temperature really can’t decide whether its above or below zero (freezing) so…

There is ice on everything. No, no… everything.

Never did I see this kind of thing in Calgary. The road looks normal, maybe a bit shiny but… WHOA! <THUMP!> No that’s ice dear. That curious sheen on the lamp post? Ice. The shine on that car? Ice. Very thin, very clear, very slick. Also makes that crunch crunch noise when you walk through the petrified slush piles, all bulbous like waves on a choppy, frozen sea.