Life List

I was inspired to do this by someone I stumbled across on flickr. Seems there’s a book on the subject, making a list of things you want to do in your lifetime. I think I can figure it out without dishing out $17.98 and reading through 199 pages. That’s not on my list.

Though this is my list I’m open to suggestions, and, if you have the means to help turn one of my objectives into reality – let’s do it!

To Do:

  • Go to Antarctica
  • Join the mile high club
  • Run someone off the road
  • Explore the Paris Catacombs
  • Explore Metro 2 in Moscow
  • Explore the Mittelwerke V2 rocket factory
  • Have sex in an elevator
  • Have sex in a drain
  • Have sex on Mont Royale
  • Hunt, kill, skin and eat an animal
  • Fight in Thunderdome
  • Sneak into Black Rock City commando style
  • Drive from the Atlantic to the Pacific (or visa versa)
  • Travel on board a freighter ship
  • Perform a sleep deprivation experiment
  • Learn to canoe/raft/kayak
  • Make beer
  • Make cheese


  • Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Stand behind Niagara Falls
  • Try Salvia Divinorum
  • Midnight sun party in the arctic
  • Threesome
  • Experience the Burn from the inner circle
  • Fire an M-16
  • Get arrested
  • Hitchhike
  • Mine for opals in the Australian outback

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