Money Business

For whatever reason, most of my life I’ve allowed the lines “money is the root of all evil today” to ring in my subconscious ears a bit too often. Business became a dirty word, associated with characters in movies that wanted to lock up Santa Claus or evict a little old lady out of her childhood home on the silver screen. Not to say that there aren’t real life corporate meanies out there, Dow, Exxon, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, the Koch Brothers and Halliburton all spring to mind pretty quickly in this day and age among hundreds of others. But to discount all businesses as evil or all money as somehow dirty is to miss something pretty big. Yet that’s what I did for ever so long.

Like all things business and money can be used for well or ill. When its a question of profit and power at all costs it is indeed some of the most destructive power in the world today. But, at its root business and money isn’t about that.

I’m working on having a more pragmatic view of both of these things, and I’m starting to get it clear inside of myself. Good, true business isn’t about extracting the maximum possible out of people or the environment, rather its figuring out the most efficient way to accomplish something beneficial to society and at the same time making sure that you, the provider of that product or service are able to live in a comfortable and healthy fashion as a reward for your efforts. It means growing up, taking responsibility, putting in the work and doing what’s required to achieve a goal. It doesn’t have to be profit above all else. Indeed, if that’s all its about its really more destructive than anything.

Money similarly isn’t evil in and of itself. Its energy, time, effort or materials. Those are all things we need. And it isn’t really those things, but merely a convenient proxy for them.

Beh. Fuck this. I’m not into blogging right now. Short attention span and all. I have better things to do right now, like invest time and effort into my burgeoning video/photography business. Let’s do this!