Report Card

A while back I read an article by Harmon Leon in which he tracks down and interviews several of his ex-girlfriends about… himself. I thought it was kind of cruel and kind of brilliant simultaneously and it gave rise to a similarly brilliant/cruel idea of my own. Okay a totally derivative idea, but taking it to the next level. What if I put together a survey/report card on my sexual performance and submitted it to all the girls I’ve slept with for completion?

I think the fact that I’m now seriously considering it is a testament to my maturity – clearly I no longer foster any foolish dreams of getting back together with any of them, nor to I particularly care if it changes their opinion of me. On the other hand maybe its incredibly immature and shows that I really do care what they think. In either case it’d be an interesting exercise and potential learning experience.

I think I’ll set it up using a service like SurveyMonkey as an anonymous survey so they feel more secure in being honest and so that I don’t traumatize myself with specifics.

Any suggestions for questions/ratings systems?