What Day Is It?

Days of the week lose all meaning when you’re working as much as I have been. January and February are traditionally sleepy months in the photo and video business, and this year was down right comatose. Then the numbers came in, that said I owed the IRS my first born. It has been a trying time in the corridors of cash.

Its little wonder then that over the past month I’ve said yes to every job or gig that wandered my way, such that I don’t know the last time I had a legitimate day off. The best I can think of were days where I only had ONE job to do. Last night I finished up at SF MOMA at 2am, and then took almost another hour to get home, before getting up and coming here to Adolph Gassers. Luckily today I finish at 6pm.

There are so many cheques in the mail right now that I expect the sky to go dark in a few days as they fly over head and come in for a landing in my bank account. After so many months of financial gloom it feels good to have streams of cash coming back to water the roots of my life. I’m slowing down the work schedule now, being more judicious and saying “I want more money.” when they offer a gig, and being totally fine if they say no to just reject the job.

My self-respect is back. I hope.

As with all things it will go up and down. But for the moment at least I’m feeling better about my prospects for a decent life/work balance.

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