Feeling much better now, thanks to a hot shower, Skyping with Star and doing a photoshoot for a friend’s cirque troupe. Everything’s gonna work out. Getting a steady gig for a month would be nice and all, but it’d just distract me from developing my own business and projects which is what I really need to do.

For a little bit there I was feeling like my never going to film school was a handicap. I missed out on learning certain things, missed out on assignments that would ultimately fill out my reel, missed out on connections, but really in this day and age I can do all of that on my own. For instance, anything I would have learned in film school I can now learn from websites like Vimeo Film School or Free Photography Tutorials. I have the gear I need to make movies, and I can volunteer or work on sets to get experience with more professional gear (though my stint with IATSE 212 provided me with plenty of experience compared to most film school grads).

Really I just need to work on projects that excite and inspire me. That’s the objective for this summer. The rest will follow in due course.


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