Money Train

I woke up to sunlight this morning. Something I love about my new room. Its like emerging from a cave into a wonderful world of air and light.

I didn’t mention that I moved rooms? Right, that was on my new blog for 2011, 16:25. You should check it out, its a photo blog to keep me on my toes with my photography. Anyway there’s a timelapse video of the move here. Timelapse is something that I really want to master so its good to belt out these little projects. Anyhoo, on to the task at hand.


So after waking up to sunlight I pulled the covers back over my head to rustle out a few more Z’s before starting my day. It seemed like my alarm clock (phone) was ringing rather prematurely… I got up to hit snooze and realized that this particular alarm had a 514 area code.


“This is Mark from [name of company I contract for].”

“Oh hi…”

“Are you available today?”

“Ummm. That depends on when.”


“Erm. Okay. But I need to be done by 1:30 because I have another job scheduled this afternoon.”

“No problem. Get here ASAP.”

So subtracting a few hours from my expected sleep this morning I set out to the Palais de Congress and did another shift at the Montreal Auto Show, putting up curtains, polishing railings, and vacuuming carpets. Nothing glamorous but its a few extra bucks in my pocket and that ain’t bad. Then I rushed the metro to my other casual contract job doing onsite retail kiosk installations. Again not glamorous, but does fit my “build quick portable stuff” interests rather well (see Burning Man and film sets).

So yeah, made a bunch of extra money today when I would have been sleeping. Not bad.


I also noticed today that the stock I sold last week finally made its way into my bank account. I just threw $3789.10 at my 1.99% interest credit card just two weeks before that rate jumps to the usual 19.99%. That’s just shy of paying it off and while I do actually have enough cash in my bank account now to wipe it out entirely doing so would bring the account down to double digits and that’s not a great place to be. Sooner or later I’d need to buy groceries or something and I’d be back on the card. Better to have a reserve floating in my account until the first paycheck of the month arrives.

After that I turn my attention to the 11.9% credit card which has an unfortunately high balance. I’m going to attack that aggressively over the next few months and then apply for a line of credit with a lower interest rate and transfer the balance. Then I’ll keep plugging at it until its gone. I might dip into RRSPs to pay it off if the tax penalty is low enough to make it worthwhile. In retrospect I should have done that last year when I was in the bottom income bracket from travelling more than I worked but I wasn’t really thinking about my finances super logically or reading the small print until recently. Whatever, all is fine. Now that I do have a more complete picture of my financial state of affairs I can operate with it much more methodically. I’ll be out of debt in no time and that’s the important thing.

Speaking of which I was just referred to a cool website dedicated to exactly that. Given how addicted North Americans are to debt I suspect more than a few of you reading this might find this website interesting as well. Sadly our economy is based on debt. I say the sooner we turn that around the better it’ll be for everybody, except Goldman Sachs and CitiGroup and the rest of those evil fuckers who play loose and fast with the money we give them.

Sorry, got distracted there. The site is called Man vs. Debt.

Okay. That about covers it. G’day all!


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