Burning Man Again

I am about an hour away from walking out my front door with two backpacks, a manpurse and a cooler on wheels. Soon me and all of my junk will be on an airplane bound for San Francisco. After that it’ll be shopping, driving, coordinating and finally the long push to Black Rock City. I’ve done this in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, making this trip #7 which just so happens to be my favourite number. I look around, wonder if I’m forgetting anything, then chuckle because I know that forgetting stuff is inevitable and that whatever I’m missing I either won’t need or will figure out. The essentials, the essentials are taken care of.

I go into this burn with very few expectations, a few fears, but also a lot of excitement. Its only the second time I’m going with a lover, this time a lover that I met at Burning Man. Our anniversary will be in the very place that it began.

The fear, the fear is justified. In many lives including my own there is turmoil and uncertainty. That means there will be tensions, and hard decisions. It also means there will be tremendous opportunity for growth and discovery.

The excitement also comes from the unknown, the unknown matched with the knowledge that whatever the world holds around the corner, we will handle and excel.

There are many people I look forward to seeing again, and many people I will be meeting for the first and perhaps only time. I’m especially excited about the virgins I know. Oh the things they will discover and experience. The shifts that will occur inside of them when they encounter a moment so tuned to their particularities that transcendence is the only option.

And yes I’m worried and stressed about all the logistics, transportation, shopping and packing, but that too is a part of it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So Burning Man again. Nobody knows what it holds for us this year. I’m excited for the journey. A week in the desert is like a year in the default world. Let us pass through this whirlwind with exuberance and grace!


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