So I shot a video for my roommate and friend Keith last night. He was doing standup comedy at Comedy Works and y’know, he’s pretty damn funny. Anyway I was feeling a bit self-conscious about filming without asking management and I didn’t know the space, or Keith’s material, and I was lazy, add it all up and you get the video you get. Not bad, but it could certainly be better. Its shaky, the focus *might* be a bit out (or maybe that’s just junk from compression) and the audio pops in a few spots. Totally fine for an amateur YouTube ha ha, but not for someone who’s aiming to be a professional videographer/photographer. Yes, its time to bring out the big guns, or rather the big stick, sticks, the tripod. The BIG tripod. I hate it, I mean I hate carrying it and setting it up. I feel like the native guide tagging along with the gentleman hunter in search of elephants and other big majestic animals to kill with this impossibly large and awkward device. But you can’t really argue with the results.

So its going to be time to lug the big pod around soon. Fine, at least I can work with a drink in hand.

Same story for the videos I shot for Darling Ghost, a band here in Montreal. Tried doing that gig with the monopod and it came off pretty well, but the big Manfrotto would have been better. The audio was okay but it’ll be better once I get the Zoom H1. The real killer though was the lighting. The bar they played their gig in was terribly lit for a performance and so they all came out pretty dark, particularly the lead singer. It might be that I have to bring lights with me in the future or just tell them that I can’t shoot under those conditions.

Finally I’m going to be photographing TEDxMcGill later this fall, so I’m going to have to up the ante there as well. I need to write a bio as well as make up an invoice. I don’t really know what I’m doing but if I’m to be a professional I need to figure this stuff out. I also need to get myself a flash and really master using it. Its a good opportunity to learn, develop and grow, but… yeah, its work. I need a website and cards too. I should at least reserve a domain name, but here I’m starting to second guess Astral Projections Film & Video Werx as a name. I mean I don’t really plan on using film professionally, there’s nothing about photography in that name, and Astral Projections what? *sigh*

All this mere days before leaving for Burning Man, where I’m tempted to shoot a bunch of footage except for the fact that it may well mess up my camera and lenses. Unnngh!

Still these are all positive developments. Work for sure, but I need work to keep me from going crazy. Right now I feel kind of crazy anyway though. Go figure.


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