Va Va Voom!

I seem to be approaching a kind of personal singularity here, a convergence of many, many threads of my life, culminating in some sort of simultaneous super event. I wonder whether it’ll be an explosion or what…

Burning Man, aka: Midnight Poutine is eating up a lot of my time. Which would be fine. If I weren’t simultaneously trying to start my own business, work odd jobs to cover the rent, maintain a beautiful and harmonious long distance relationship, watch my health and everything else. Yes everyone in Western society is expected to juggle a thousand simultaneous commitments and work themselves bare, but that’s not my style and I’m starting to not enjoy it. I need days off where I actually just go to the parc or read a book rather than building playa furniture, editing videos or gobbling flu medication. Really I need those off days and I haven’t been getting them. Its hard to be organized and efficient when I’m torn in so many directions, and so many have looming deadlines.

The nearest deadline is for something really cool, The Chicago Museum of Science and Technology’s Month in the Museum contest. If I win I spend a month living in the museum, checking everything out, blogging about it, interacting with the public and media. Good fun. But the deadline is in two days and I’ve been too sick until now to really think about it much. Then there’s all the playa preparations which are a week or two out at best, and after that TEDxMcGill and all the associated small business stuff I need to do before then. Its daunting. Somewhere in there I’m supposed to go to Hawaii with Star to relax, which will be well needed, but damn its going to be big busy bookends on either side of it. Go go go!

I don’t even have time to properly describe all these little projects and things I’m working on right now. 9 to 5 is in many ways easier than this, but its also soul sucking and I know that if I went back I’d just get frustrated and quit again. I think if I just keep at it over the next few months I’ll be stable enough by the end of the year that I can let back on the reigns a bit and just coast for a while before tackling anything new. There will always be something new. Hell, there’s taBURNak! Deux! in November. Something for Nuit Blanche in February… unnnngh. I mean I love it. But shit…

At least I have good people around me, lots of support and a great home. Star’s arriving in a few minutes and that’ll be a really wonderful reprieve. Sure relationships are work too, but they can also give such comfort and rest. That’s what I need right now.


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