So one things has been sitting on my ToDo list for oh… three years, maybe four. Taxes. I haven’t done my taxes since I moved to Montreal. I used to do my own taxes in Alberta because… well there’s no income tax in Alberta so its pretty straight-forward. I was scared of dealing with A) splitting my income over two provinces for 2007 and B) Quebec’s labyrinthine tax regime. So I delayed, I postponed, I ignored.

Finally today I dug out my files. It didn’t take long. Periodically filing all the junk that comes to my mailbox is a good thing. And I’m ready. I’m not doing it myself (to hell with that), instead I’m going to take it to an accountant and get them to deal with it. Not a shoebox of random receipts though. I’m sorting it all by type and by year and including notes on when I moved, what receipts go with what, etc. I don’t entirely trust anyone to not fuck it up, but at this point I can’t be bothered to do it right myself either, so if someone’s going to fuck it up it won’t be me, and I’ll make them redo it if they do. That’s worth spending a few bucks on. I hate math.

Fortunately my moving expenses from Calgary to Montreal should swallow up anything I might owe along with my RRSP contributions. Here’s hoping for some kind of return, but as long as I don’t owe.

Getting away from this insane taxation system is yet another great reason to distance myself from the default economy. I recently read an article about how gold is totally on fire with investors right now. Seems everyone is expecting the economy to tank even further with either another recession/depression or runaway inflation. Maybe its just a crapload of hype and gold ends up being the next bubble. Either way I want nothing to do with it. I want to rid myself of as much stock and fiat currency as possible, and I can’t eat gold. Instead I’m going to focus on investing in tools that will allow me to produce value, to build and repair things, to make videos, etc. What good is a gold brick?

I’m also going to take another, closer look at alternative and complimentary currencies. I think if there’s another recession/depression/crash whatfor that I’d rather have money in my pocket that relates to actual resources and wealth rather than speculative value and a shiny metal from the periodic table. Once I’ve picked a currency (or three) I’m going to incorporate their use into my business. If the dollar or gold or whatnot plummets at least I’ll still have a reserve of currency that I can use at farmer’s markets and other local businesses. With the Internet’s new prominence I think there’s even some alternative currencies that are gaining traction unbound by geographic limitations. Bring it on!

So tomorrow. Go participate in some psychological research at McGill for money. Then go to an accountant to get my money back from the government. Then, start finding alternatives to this whole money business.


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  1. KingofthePaupers · June 14, 2010

    Jct: Buying your neighbors’ owed time now is the best investment I can imagine making. Imagine everyone in the neighborhood, rather than bank their savings for 5%, went to their butcher, baker, dentist, doctor, mechanic and all pre-paid for their time. The doctors, dentists, mechanics would use the money to pay down their debts at 10% and be able to give the neighbor investors even cheaper prices since they’re paying less debt service. Yet, most people would still rather trust their banker than their neighbor.

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