Its Good whatever happens

Recently I was thinking about how Burning Man really hasn’t caught on in Quebec and how my insistence on using “Burner” as such a central part of my identity might be blinding me to all the other amazing stuff I moved here for in the first place. Montreal certainly isn’t lacking in the arts. If anything it has an over-abundance of it. There is art everywhere in every conceivable form, and its accessible and encouraged and easy. So things have been hard getting les Bruleurs de Montreal to a kind of critical mass. Yes taBURNak! was amazing and Midnight Poutine was also a wildly successful theme camp, but I can’t help but feel like the momentum of our community is a little bit forced, which is strange when you consider the creative maelstrom going on all around us. Or is it?

Maybe it makes more sense to just get caught up in everything else that’s already going on, rather than trying to create something that frankly just isn’t needed in this city. People aren’t afraid to express themselves artistically. People do sing in the streets. There is a pedestrian and bike culture here already. Why would you go halfway across the continent to get what you already have? Festivals, buskers, circus, beautiful parcs my oh my.

So. Thinking that someone just posted about this new BMesque festival taking place between Ottawa and Montreal. Its called Open Mind, which… well all things considered is a pretty appropriate name. Not 100% sure what its about but it looks like more than just another forest rave, it looks quite a bit better than that. Now there’s a chance that I won’t be able to make it to the Burn this year if I get accepted to be on Junk Raiders season 2 on the Discovery channel. They’re shooting in September and that would pretty much wipe Burning Man off the calendar, but if I can go to an alternate festival in August closer to home… well, that ain’t bad. In fact its kind of welcome. At least there when I meet people and ask them where they’re from they’re more likely to say “Montreal” or “Ottawa” or even “New York” than they are to say “San Francisco” or “Austin.” Not that I don’t love San Fran Disco and Austin (’cause those people are cool), but its nice to be plugged into a community closer to home.

So all this to say that I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m sure its going to be awesome. Heck, maybe Midnight Poutine at Burning Man can turn into Bacon Wrapped Sausage at Open Mind. LOL.


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  1. Sunny J · June 12, 2010

    I don’t think your blinded by your Burner Identity, maybe your eyes are open to how Burner culture exists in our daily lives. I often describe things as “like Burning Man”(eg:any post apocalyptic, or futurist film). As far as our momentum being forced, it is. It has to be. Montreal’s arts and events are backed by the Province and corporate sponsors, we spend hundreds of dollars of our own money on cheese curds. No one asked for Poutine in the desert, but a Montrealer with a dream and a deep fryer fetish brought it to them anyways. And they lined up around the freaking block.

    The future is awesome! Sometimes things just seem to work out right. It would suck to miss you in BRC, but not so bad if it was because you were going to be on TV (just don’t tell the hippies). I hope whatever goes down we get some beers this summer.

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