But if you ask for a raise is no surprise they’re giving none away…

Feeling frustrated and a touch worried. Talked to someone at the EI office today and they’ve rejected my application. Fortunately I got to them in time to inform them that there’s more information to be had before they make a final decision but who knows…

I was very careful about asking before I left what my ROE was going to say about my departure. I was assured that it would say Lack of Work, because indeed shifts were being cut and expenses rolled back. Times were tough and I was sick and tired of fighting for shifts. I asked repeatedly as to whether I would be eligible for EI or retraining and all indications were yes. Ultimately this turn of events shouldn’t surprise me since bureaucracy be it corporate or governmental always seems to stomp the little guy. Someone doesn’t dot an i or cross a t and you lose this, that or the other thing. I feel like I spend more time on the phone, on hold, trying to sort shit out than I get anywhere half the time. I think Bell still owes me $100 for Internet that never worked at my last apartment.

Fortunately I have been finding odd jobs here and there to make some money. I’ve also got quite a few resumes and feelers out there, and with any luck once my camera arrives with Stella from San Francisco I’ll be able to start doing video and photography gigs again. Yet again however some small business training from the government would have helped out immensely.

So I’m going to hope for the best and plan for the worst. If I don’t get the EI I’ll spend a few months bouncing from small job to small job working in between on getting the video business up and running. If I do get the EI (and I think I can convince them) then I’ll get some small business training and start really making a dent in things rather than just flailing around trying to make ends meet.

The frustrating part is knowing at least three other people who were in almost exactly the same circumstance as me who didn’t have this trouble with EI. They were up and running with EI payments and retraining programs with no problems, no interrogations, no accusatory tone. I know of a lot of EI success stories, not the least of which being the Reverend who went from laid off to millionaire running his own business thanks to an EI program in five years. I mean shit. Why do they get bones and I don’t? Well you know what. This dog is going to get his bone even if it means a crapload of barking to do it. I’m not a lazy good for nothing trying to take advantage of the system. I’m a hard working fellow who knows that he’s going to do some amazing things but who’s time is being wasted by hoop jumping.

Okay, rant over. I’m going to win this thing and then you can get back to taxing the bejezuz out of me, but at least I’ll be in a high enough tax bracket that I can afford it.


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