Here, Today

I will admit that at times I worry. I worry about the usual things. Money. Love. And whether I’m doing right by my fellow, my species, my planet. Yes, despite all appearances these things do plague some of my otherwise empty thoughts. Not all the time. Not often. But now and then.

Now lately.

It boils down in this instance really just to money. The needing of it. The resenting it because I need it. Do I need it? Does anyone need it? We have created in our world an amazing limiting factor in our great human factory in the form of scribblings on pieces of paper, keyboard strokes & piles of thin round metal. I wish I weren’t so damn engrossed in the game because I know that it convoludes my thinking and separates me from the abundance all around me.

In running up credit card debt I have sidetracked my 20% investment plan & sixth-year sabbaticals. Work five years, save 20% of my earnings, take a year off. It would be a great way to live. Lots of little retirements which I can use to my betterment and enjoyment of life rather than stockpiling for Eris knows what forty years from now. We’ll be living in a world unrecognizable by then. Instead to focus on today’s projects, which include…

When I get my camera I will spend a day walking back and forth on Rue Ste-Catherine, taking photos, recording observations. I’ll do it again on Rue Saint Paul in Old Montreal. I’ll do my subway series. I will do what I’ve wanted to do and profess my love for this city in art. Then I’ll sell trinkets to tourists. Laugh, but why not?

Some people have real jobs…

I do not want to be some people. I want to be me. Uniquely like everyone else. Making connections. Changing the world one little action at a time. I’m no longer interested in revolution. I’m interested in evolution. Of how I can become a person living in a world of their own making, with grace, peace, love, sincerity, strength and unity.

Defeating oppression begins in hearts and minds. Ours.

And I really want to be on that dumpster diving show.


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