As I move into my final week in San Francisco (for this visit anyway) I start to look back and ask, “Just what exactly have I been doing?”

In many respects I haven’t been doing much. Sitting at home (Stella’s home) surfing the web, watching TV, cooking, laundry, dishes. That’s life as usual.

What has been different is wandering around a new city, working on steam engines, living in close proximity with a lover, going for hikes in new terrain, listening to lectures, seeing comedy shows and teaching myself Final Cut Pro. I’ve also been busy organizing a campout in Quebec from the other side of the continent.

A lot of what’s happened is too subtle to properly articulate, or just not relevant for a blog posting. I’m not even entirely sure of all that’s happened. All I know is that as I leave here I have more clarity and confidence about where I’m going and how to get there.

My focus is videography, photography and architectural light installation art. Some fabrication here and there Etsy style. I want to really put in the time and effort to make some short films and get my “brand” out there. I have great creative vision. I just haven’t been doing a great job of turning that vision into tangible results OR money. I’m going to push forward in fixing that.

Midnight Poutine, taBURNak! and the Drinking In Canada videos have begun to give me an idea of what I can do with a little more focus and help from my peers. I want to move on from these things into bigger, better and financially more tenable activities. I think I’m on my way.

I just realized that its Tuesday and not Wednesday. Thank goodness. An extra day in SF to play, sightsee, relax, prepare and finally pack.

Time to head off to a potluck. Ciao!


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