I’m kind of debated internally on whether or not different things belong in my blog or in my morning pages. I kind of like the alive “in the worldness” of writing on a blog as compared to the closed and secrative nature of the morning pages. Though of course that’s part of the advantage. Being able to just gush and not worry about what anyone thinks. There’s a certain selfishness… no what’s the word I’m looking for? Something indulgent about such privacy in our hyper connected age. As though privacy isn’t something we’re meant to afford ourselves anymore. Well. That’s one for the philosophers.

I’m going for a walk. Walks are mighty important for me, and I’ve forgotten that lately. So walk I shall.

I am debating several projects and art, and trying to figure out how I can justify working on such things when I have no effective income. They say do what you love and the rest will follow, but good lord that takes a lot of faith. Can it be true? I think it is, but can I survive the journey? Dumb question. Of course. Anything is possible. Yet it remains difficult. Its easier to worry about money than it is to buy a bunch of supplies and take the plunge – but doesn’t it work out? I mean my duct tape Santa suit was a smash, I felt great about it AND I ended up winning a costume contest (though still haven’t claimed the prize – I’m sure its worth more than the $20 I put into the costume).

Blah, blah, blah.

Shopping and walking I go…


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