Year Change

Time to change two digits (assuming a base-10 system) on your year, if you’re using the Gregorian calendar that is. Yeah its pretty arbitrary, but still sort of noteworthy.

My best New Year’s Eve hands down was the one I spent in Syndey with the Cave Clan. We were up the CSR distillery/silos illegal partying. Mr. India, Hatchet, Siolo, Trioxide, the whole damn gang. My girlfriend at the time was there. It was good times. We had a great view of the city, we had booze, we were far and away from any prying eyes. It was free. At some point we started shooting bangers off of the roof. Good fun. Then security guards showed up at the gates below, flashlights in hand – I think they yelled up at us. Of course we’d planned for that possibility.

We all ran down the stairs or slid down the ladders or leapt from level to level. Then with the aid of a preinstalled rope line scrambled down a steep embankment and vanished through a narrow, all but invisible slit in the corrugated metal fence around the property and into the secure courtyard of a fancy schmansy condo building. The security guards at CSR were left wondering where we all dissapeared to and the security guard at the condos was let wondering where all these unwashed youths came from.

We drove off to some bunkers on the south shore just as a group of teens were being evicted by security guards. Talking to them they hinted that they’d be going off duty in about ten minutes and didn’t give a damn what happened after that. We drank in the parking lot for fifteen minutes, then set off.

We set off more bangers, some inside the bunkers, some out over the harbour. A boat in the harbour responded by launching a few fireworks of their own.

I don’t remember how I got home or how the night ended. Maybe I never did. What I do know is that I had an incredibly good time that night. No overpriced bar tabs or cover charges, no lame ass house parties, just drinking, good friends, adrenaline fuelled sprints and explosions. Who could ask for more on New Year’s Eve? Not I.

The past few years New Years has been even more anti-climatic than usual. Slept through it two years ago. Went to a ho-hum party last year where I realized that me and my girlfriend at the time just wouldn’t work out. This year slept through it again since the party options before me were neither terribly condusive to the mood I’m in right now. I want to spend New Year’s with friends, carving an intention for the future, but almost all of my friends are out of town. Instead I’m going to get up nice and early, when everyone else is rock cold asleep, and I’m going to watch the sun rise.

Yeah I feel dumb in a way. I probably could have gone out and ended up having fun by letting go of all the hangups. Who can know? I certainly can’t. So I’ll just do as I do. Go as I go. Wishing that some of you, all of you, were here.


One comment

  1. Jody · January 5, 2010

    Most people seem to believe somehow that their NYE party needs to be the party of the year, to set the scene for the year to come or something. I used to act that way too until someone pointed that out, and now I don’t care. It’s just another night – maybe a night with more parties than usual so it might be worth going out for that, but not if you don’t want to.

    Sounds like you’re starting the year out in fine snow sculpture style though 🙂

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