Be Comfotable, Give Back

Every year when I leave Burning Man I have a list in my head of things to do the next year to make my experience better. And every year I forgot 90% of those things by the time Burning Man swung around again. So, this year I’m going to put some of this stuff down on… well not paper. Paper is oldskool. Anyways…

These are things I wrote, miserable and grumpy, hot and tired in my tent Sunday before they opened the gates. One of my tent poles was snapped and the mesh in my tent only helped to granulate the dust into a near mist.

  • Be Comfortable: That means taking care of myself. Have good food, good footwear, chapstick, vinegar, moisturizer, a nice chair, a nice tent, etc. Nobody will take care of you but you, so do a good job of it.
  • Be Over-Prepared: Bring more than you think you’ll need. Then there’s no stress. Have backups, bring things that you *might* need. Remember that things will get lost, gifted away, broken, etc.
  • Make it Easy: Its hot, chances are good I’m not sleeping enough, if things aren’t easy they won’t get done. Workflows and spaces should be streamlined and simplified so that tasks require next to no effort.
  • Don’t be Cheap: This goes with being over-prepared. That tent or those shoes are no use if they break halfway through the week. Likewise, this is a vacation, buy the expensive wine, at least one.
  • Trust Your Gut – Even if it Means Conflict: If my brain says that this guy shouldn’t climb this tower, then I should say so. If my brain thinks that tarp is totally going to blow away and take our car shelter with it, I should say so.

Those are the big line items, and so many little things fit into them. For instance putting a big 2ft x 3ft poster of the playa map up in the kitchen with a whiteboard underneath to write down names and addresses would help everyone keep shit clear in their heads. Just simple design decisions like where to place things can make a HUGE difference.

Okay, I was going to write more but I have to pack for Boston. One more road trip adventure before this burn is truly over. Here we go again.


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