I’m awake and I have a Robin Hood hat on. What more do you want? I have somehow managed to complete, well one of my 5-list tasks without even leaving the house today so whoopie for that.

There is a vague scent of natural gas in the kitchen ever since I cooked up some bacon. I’m not sure whether or not this should be a cause for concern. I could leave a note for my roommates not to light any matches or lighters, but that seems like jumping the gun.

So I’m heading out for my daily… what did I call it? Paces. What the fuck does that mean? Well it sounds more meditative and sophisticated than walk, and as came up in conversation today words are like magic so choose yours wisely. I just try to use them in unusual contexts and coax out those that don’t get used enough. Shed some pixie dust when you take them out of the ‘ol box right? Exactly. Its the only damn thing I’m good at, but when you realise how much you can do with ’em, well, words are pretty damned cool. Which is just a lazy way of saying fantabularistic. You all got that right? See. Magic.

Well the breeze is calling through my open window, along with the honeybee drone of a hedge trimmer somewhere.

Off to Boston tonight so not much time, a quick walk, some inhaling of paint fumes, hasty packing of whatever will fit my frame and we’re off. Hours of driving, like a video game but with a declining gas gauge instead of a mounting scorecard. Alas. Off to paces.


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