Idea Man

That’s me, Idea Man. At Burning Man I was once called an instigator and another time told “You always have great ideas.” Now I’m starting to learn how to implement them, part of which is just editing. I have too many ideas and it takes deciding which ones to flesh out and actually go after to get anywhere. So… I thought I’d do an idea dump for next year’s Burn for which I’m already geysering schemes.

  1. Shoot my Dust to Dust documentary on the building and dismantling of Black Rock City. I wasn’t planning on doing this for a couple more years, but the 2010 theme of The Metropolis is just about as perfect as they come for this project. I’d like to do it big, but I’m going to have to be adaptable and do whatever ends up being possible. It may well mean two or more months in the desert. I’m okay with that. Why? Because DPW chicks are hot. You ladies know who you are. Raaaaawr!
  2. Cloudburst art car. Probably not a 2010 project. It doesn’t particularly fit the theme and its going to take a lot of friggin’ work, which is why its worth starting to think about now even if its a ways off. The idea? Similar to the Hope and Fear flowers by the Do Lab only instead of turning cranes into giant flowers turning a crane platform into a giant floating cloud capable of dumping rain on participants and throwing lightning bolts at night. So yeah, like I said, lots of money and work, but totally possible and totally cool.
  3. BRC manholes. Pretty simple. Create and install manholes in BRC. Designing covers would be fun and putting things underneath them could make for fun surprises. Again kind of hard though, forging metal and all. Heavy shit too. Fits the theme though.
  4. An urban exploration exhibit. Ideally I’d like to create a drain simulator, but I think that’s hella ambitious. Instead it’d be much easier to throw up some big backlit urbex photographs, maybe some videos on old TVs and some writeups and reflections on the unseen and abandoned city. I think this one could be fun, combining two of my favourite things – definitely not a solo project.
  5. Rampage. Just like the video game of ages past. Build a city out of say foam and let people rampage through it wreaking massive urban destruction. Fun.

So yeah, there’s a few, and I just found out about the theme a couple of days ago. God help me as the year goes on and my brain churns more and more.


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