Bubble Bubble, Click Clack & Tumble Dry

The innaugural trip to the laundromat/scriptwriting session was an unabashed success. I got a bunch of my clothes cleaned and added two or three pages to my Real Santa script. Win/win. Doing laundry at home is so passe. There is shit all to do at the laundromat except to watch clothes spin (ever notice how washing machines at laundromats always have clear windows to look through – that’s why), unless of course you bring something with you. My laptop sans Internet is actually a productive machine instead of a distraction machine. The lack of distractions is a magic incantation that allows me to actually get myself into “The Zone” and just let the characters and scenarios flow out of me like soap at the end of the wash cycle.

I also took a trip to the Salvation Army this morning to pick up some last minute supplies for the burn and as happens left with more than I planned. I bought my roommate a super 8 previewer to encourage her to shoot more small gauge film. She just got her first reels back yesterday and was tickled pink to watch them on my previewer.

I also got a hair dryer despite the fact that I have NO hair. Its for FrostBurn, the Philly winter regional burn. I’m going to get a campsite with electricity, a long extension cord and a holster. Anyone who looks like they need a hot air infusion just has to open their coat. Yes, I keep the ladies warm at night. There were three suitable dryers, but this one has a transparent plastic casing so it actually glows when you use it. Sexy.

The one item I didn’t get that I’m feeling a bit of remorse for was a beautiful lamp, gold coloured with four flower petal shaped sockets. The glass from the petals was half gone but would be really easy to replace with… keyboard circuit boards. It’d be pretty sexy. I’m in a major rush though, I have to pack, I have to sort out the propane situation. But… Maybe I should go get it. IF I can haggle the dumbass manager down from his ridiculous $35 price tag.

No, I let it go. No need to waste time going back. Priorities. Burning Man. That’s all that’s left on my platter now. Departure in 4 hours…


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