Work as Play

That was the title of a blog entry on Zen Habits recently and I’m realising that I’m starting to live it, I’m also starting to live another principle from an article on that site and others which is to reduce, reduce, reduce until you can focus on just a few things.

As I decide what I want to do with my time I’m starting to find that I’m much more interested in doing things like scriptwriting or editing videos and photos than I am in going out for beers or watching a movie. I want to work. I want to produce. Its no longer a chore. Going out for beers with people is becoming more of a chore than work. Yeah I still like going out for beers, but not as much, there’s work to be done. Fun work! Even Burning Man is becoming dull and a distraction compared to other things I could be doing with my time.

Maybe school crushed me, maybe it was the corporate world, whatever it was I’m breaking free, strand by strand.

“Some people have real jobs.”


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