Walking ahead

So last night I paid back the sleep deficit I’ve been accruing in full by sleeping for, oh, twelve plus hours. I felt a little bit of guilt about that this morning, though not too much. I would have preferred to have gotten up an hour or two earlier and gotten an earlier start on the day, but that’s alright really. What I need is a clock in here so that I can keep my context a bit better. I don’t want an LCD or LED clock though, those big bright numbers are too hot, powerful and distracting. I’m thinking a nice analog clock that takes some effort to see, especially in the dark. I find those LCD/LED clocks really distracting when I’m trying to sleep. So, maybe I’ve got a new thing to build, unless I can find something suitably cheap.

Despite feeling like I overslept I remained dutiful to my morning ritual of meditation and walk. Today’s meditation was Two questions to help you gain perspective and the walk was up into the southern fringes of the wealthy neighborhood of Westmount. I found the meditation useful, I imagined my walk as a scene in a movie and felt that it was satisfying, beautiful, relaxed and thoughtful. I thought about my lacklustre wake-up and saw it as a scene I’d like to eliminate, shorten or tweak in some way. Overall a pretty good visualization exercise for a filmmaker.

The second question (go read it) was a bit tougher, especially since so many things are in flux right now. I feel like if I continue the things that I’ve started in the past few weeks that I will go far in the next five years, but where I end up going is still something of a mystery. I’ll be debt free. I’ll be making more and more of my living off of my creative, artistic and community building pursuits, but where I’ll be and exactly what I’ll be doing is incredibly hard to say. So I think this is a question I need to revisit regularly. Both actually. They’re pretty damn good.

So the pre-Burn push feels a little bit overwhelming, but figuring out my priorities and letting the rest slide has made it much, much easier. There are things that NEED to be done and there are things that would be nice to do. Once that distinction is made a lot of the stress goes away. There is still a lot that needs to get done, but now its managable.

To add to the pile of things I’m working on, we got told two nights ago to stop fire spinning and music in Parc Lafontaine on Wednesday nights by a small army of police. Not cool. I don’t have much time for it, but I find it too important to ignore so I’m starting to look into ways we can fight back and establish an agreement between us and the city to keep this thing going. We weren’t bothered for almost two years, and now all of a sudden they’re making a stink. It feels like a truly noble battle. We need to assert our rights. Changing society for the better has always been my deepest calling, and this is a way to do that.

But today’s priority is getting all the container supplies for Burning Man organized at Jody’s since I have no ability to work on it after I leave for Toronto. So. Here we go. One move is over, another short term move to the desert begins. Madness, utter madness.


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