Daily Disciplines: Meditation, Walk, Thanks

Keeping myself on track requires care and attention, which is why I’ve been introducing daily disciplines into my life to help keep me focused. Introducing probably isn’t quite the right word here since I already did all of these things to some extent, but making them into daily acts, sacred acts that cannot be missed. That is new.


When I say meditation I don’t mean sitting in lotus position and Ohming out. For starters its not a strength of mine (though I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve improved at it) and secondly I like to be a bit more… intellectual, particularly as a start to the day. Sadly I’ve lost the best daily meditation/thought of the day website I used to use but there are still many ways I can draw inspiration to start my day.

Zen Habits is a recent addition to the blogs I read and it often has some good ideas for me.

Same goes for Early Retirement Extreme.

These blogs are pretty “hard” though, as in they deal with very solid tangible things. I also have a desk calendar of daily Zen quotations that is a bit more… abstract I suppose you could say along with my 365 Tao book.

After reading one of these I resolve myself to…


A daily walk used to be an automatic part of my workday since I had to walk from St-Remi to Lionel-Groulx station, but now Lionel-Groulx is on my doorstep, as a result walking has to be intentional now. I try to wander different places and I make sure that the walks have no ulterior purpose. They’re not to buy milk or take photos. They’re just to experience being outside regardless of the weather and to give myself alone time, allowing whatever I’ve been given as a meditation to rattle around and grow.


Finally at night, before bed I give thanks for something that’s improved my life that day. I’ve been using these as my facebook status. Its important to highlight things that are going right, things that are worth living for. Its also just a great exercise to avoid taking things for granted. We live in an amazing world and we should take stock of the things that make it so.

So there are three things that I’m doing, and they make a difference. They’re also only the tip of the iceburg. There are things to do on a weeky, monthy and yearly basis as well that bring energy, ideas, inspiration and love. Gawd. I’m starting to sound new agey. Ick.


One comment

  1. nomadneedles · August 7, 2009

    I’m glad Jacob at ERE posted your link – this is a very inspiring blog, maybe because I’m on the same path and can relate. I’ve been in constant simplify mode for a long time and it’s taken on new energy lately. I still live in a 650 sf condo but am inspired to reduce my belongings. I’m keeping a list and it’s satisfying to see all the things I’ve let go. As the shelves empty I give away or sell what held them.
    I wish you luck with selling the car. I donated mine 2 years ago and it was/is the sweetest relief to not have it anymore.
    Thanks for sharing your life. I look forward to reading more.

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