Smaller is better

So I have finally completed my move from the loft to the 80 square foot room. A pretty stupendous reduction no matter how you look at it. Getting rid of my big ticket items was thankfully pretty simple. One chair got picked up through the Free listings on craigslist, the rest of the stuff I either left on the street or gave to the punk/hippie neighbours who didn’t have anything. Gotta love cheapskates when you’re trying to get rid of stuff you no longer want or need. Playing the game and trying to get money for that stuff would have been so much more difficult. I’ve thought about that a lot recently. Its so much easier to just leave something on the curb and wait for it to disappear than it is to try and organize a sale. If you think about it when you sell someone something you automatically inject a degree of distrust and competition into the relationship. You have to protect the item until the other party has given you what you consider fair compensation be that money or trade or what have you. Giving something away is so much nicer.

I’m dealing with that whole thing right now. Some of my possessions I’ve decided to sell, because they’re worth selling. But its so much more hassle. You can’t just leave it somewhere and tell them to come and get it. No, instead you have to set a time and place and have money and tire kicking and the whole shebang. Bleh.

But let’s move on to what I really wanted to talk about, and that’s this smaller space.

When I first began moving stuff into the room I quickly became a bit concerned about everything I needed fitting. Not that I need that much, but the queen sized bed, the dresser and my desk pretty much fill it up, yet somehow I managed to get a bookshelf/organizer in here too. The desk didn’t fit the way its supposed to, as an L, at least not in the way I ultimately decided to configure the room. Instead I’ve broken it into its component parts. I even had to remove the window and reverse the legs on the desk to make the whole thing fit. Its required a great deal in ingenuity, but I actually like that. I’m being forced not only to be very creative with the limited space I’ve afforded myself, but I’m also having to be very aware of that space. Every single detail is important. Being organized and efficient is absolutely necessary when you don’t have much space. Its like of like living in a VW van.

I think I’m going to learn a lot about living simply and being organized in this space. Once I’ve finished a few room projects like getting a raised bedframe so I can store things under the bed and building a set of shelves above the computer desk I think I’m actually going to have more space than I need. Which is pretty amazing. I’ve gone from a 700+ square foot loft to a room that’s less than 100 square feet and I’m actually going to have excess storage space.

I’m also feeling very creative about my space and taking great pride in it. The paint job in here is amazing. I feel really warm and comfortable in my room. It feels classy and slightly ecclectic. I can’t wait to do my collages. $1 and $2 Time Life and National Geographic coffee table books from the used bookstore are going to provide great material for the backing of my shelves and my cork board. I’m going to put a few up on the tiles in the bathroom as well.

My roommates so far are very cool, creative and laid back. I think its going to be a fun household.

I’ll post some photos of my new room and describe some of the ways I’m maximizing the space to suit my needs. Its still full of boxes and random piles of stuff right now though. Its going to take a while for me to sort through it all, especially with out of town training and Burning Man pending soon. August is going to be a crackpot month for me.

Can’t wait to sell the car and buy a bike.


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