Free Like a Bird?

Now this is interesting, very interesting indeed.

So the economy is in a slump, and one of the sectors most hard hit is the airline industry… which is where I make most of my coin day to day. Its not a particularly fun or fulfilling job, but it pays the bills and more importantly, it gives me the priviledge of being able to throw some clothes into a bag, jump on a plane and touch down in a completely different part of the country or the world on a whim and a bit of change from between the cushions in the couch.

So… what if your employer told you that you could quit, and keep those flying benefits for the next three years? It saves them money, and it allows me to maintain the one, most beautiful, glorious perk of working in the industry. Wings to fly upon whenever I please.

I have to admit its a tempting proposition. I don’t know what else I’d do for money, but I do have a decent nest egg invested, and really do I plan on staying in this industry that much longer anyway?

Of course being a recession another job might not be so easy to find, that and my French, while good certainly isn’t up to par with that of a native Montrealler – I’m at a disadvantage here to get another job facing other fully fluent candidates. But the temptation is real, I see a lot of opportunities out there. Travel perks without the work obligation. Is this some kind of a dream?

Time for some serious thinking, budgetting, plotting and yes, feeling. How does it feel?


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