Not quite sure what’s going on here. The Internet is being freaky, becoming unstable and bizare. What would happen if this whole digital thing is alive? This creature into which we have vested so much of our information, so much of ourselves? What if this animal becomes fevered, begins to hallucinate? What happens to our information, to our representations of self? Its really nothing more than thoughts, ideas, memories, all of which is rather easy to miscontruct, dismantle, mangle and rearrange. And if that happens and we rely on it so… does our reality change?

I was trying to write about something else but first I appeared to be typing white on white. Digital invisible ink as it were, trying to trust and remember each keystroke, knowing that the only way to go back would be to count characters. What did I just write? Did I sp[ell it correctly? Did I miskey anything? Then it turned to lagging behind, words appearing seconds after they were completed, an invisible gestation period before an explosion of symantic life.

And now all is normal. Which is to say, things are operating as they do most of the time. That apparently is normal, so I don’t know that we should attach much value to it. Normal is just what happens most often.

What a distraction. I wanted to talk about how ear hair and thick toenails were indicators for the aging process. I also wanted a better word for indicator. What do they call it when environmental changes are first noticed in the biology of smaller critters? <sigh> The brain slows and the connections faulter as well. Though on the up side all is less frantic and concerned with being “right” – age at least brings with it some relaxation. The further into the journey the less concern exists over the destination.

And still an hour before anything happens at work…


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