Seeking Adventurous Souls


Consider this a sales pitch – for your life – perhaps.

I’m looking to start a loft coming up on June 1st and I’m looking for someone to share in it. I’ll describe what I have in mind, and if it speaks to you, let me know.

To begin with, the space. I’m locating in the St-Henri/Griffintown area. There are a few lofts available in the area, including this one where I’m currently renting a smaller unit. The idea is to move into one of the larger units and sub-divide it so that there are two bedrooms and a large communal area.

My agenda for having a loft is to have periodic film screenings (2-4 times a month), a space to host circus art jams during inclement weather (staff, hula hoop, poi, etc) as well as space for photo shoots and other artistic endeavours. What would you do with a loft space? That’s the real advantage, space, tall ceilings, etc. Renting the space out to artists as a gallery or photo studio and the occassional party could also help to offset some of the cost.

The lofts range in price from $800-$1200 without utilities so each person’s share would be $400-$600 per month.

You’d need to be willing to live in a space used for events and art, ideally participating and making your own. You’d also have to put in some sweat on the initial setup of the space and ongoing maintenance. I bring a frigo, toaster oven, hot plates, couch & chairs, the beginnings of a stereo system and a video projector that can fill up an entire wall.

It would take work, and might be rough going the first few months, but would also be an exciting enterprise with lots of potential for great things.

I will be visiting the available units in the area this week and posting videos on YouTube. If you’re potentially interested contact me with your thoughts and we’ll see if our visions are compatible.


One comment

  1. Brandi · May 5, 2009

    This sounds awesome! I hope you get lots of interest, and I hope it goes really well!

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