Manger votre gateau

I think I can have my cake and eat it too, provided I can find someone to share my dream. I can still live in a loft. I can still do the Livingroom Cinematheque and I can pay less rent. Huh?

Here’s the idea. Rent one of the bigger lofts in my building, yes one of the $900 brutes, but, get this. Build some partitions and create two seperate rooms, keep the BIG communal screening/living area. It could work, with the right person on board. That’s the only catch, finding someone willing and able to collaborate with me on the Livingroom Cinematheque. I don’t know of such a person right now, but surely in this big bad city I could find one. Right?

Why should I be shrinking my dreams? I should be expanding them. I’ve learned over the years that just going out and doing it – things usually work out. Half-assed plans rarely do. So why think small? I should think big.


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