Now that’s the bitch. I stopped doing the roommate thing… a fucking long time ago. At least five years. My brief stint with roomies when I first arrived here in Montreal was… not bad, but not good. When I have roommates I tend to retreat to my room and stay there. But it makes so much more sense, both in terms of finances and utilization of resources, and I have to be honest with myself – there have been good roommates.

What I really need to do is to find people that I can live with, people who are sufficiently freaky and weird to accept and appreciate my freaky weirdness, but also people who are responsible and mature enough to run a household. Burners immediately come to mind. There’s even a burner looking for like minded people to share an apartment with her, but its on the Plateau and would turn my commute into a nightmare. What I need is something in this neighbourhood and putting it all together could be hella difficult.

Percolating thoughts… Percolating thoughts…


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