Old Mysteries, New Inspiration

Last night was the annual Dark Side of the Rainbow party at the Livingroom Cinematheque. As often times happens when one takes disparate inspirations and mixes them together with chemical assistance unexpected inspirations and combinations unfold. Thus a couple of off the hook ideas for events, happenings and discharges from typical concensus reality.

hot-air-balloon-3-big.jpgFirst off, thanks to using an alternative trance remix of Dark Side of the Rainbow after the original album ran out during the synch as the Wizard leaves off in his hot air balloon it seems like he’s leaving a population of frog people with a final blast of techno goodness. This led to a totally ridiculous idea for Burning Man. A hot air balloon DJ booth & soundsystem.

Totally, completely, undeniably ridiculous – and why not? A hot air balloon can’t cost TOO MUCH to rent, and a phat 12v automotive sound system would be totally sufficient to suffuse the heavens with hot noctunal beats. I think I’d lose my mind if a hot air balloon drifted over my head in the deep playa laying down thick electronica beats from above. It would become a slowly drifting cone of sound, broken by the occassional roar of fire and light, moving wherever the winds chose to send it.

If you or anyone you know is interested in making this happen, you have my blessing. Doooo it! I want to see DJs in the sky!


Another thing I’d like to do, here in Montreal or anywhere really is a Hobo night. Say what? The inspiration for this one is more environmental. I live a skip and a jump from the railway tracks and I frequently listen to the horns, the engines and the clack, clack of the train cars as they go by. I love walking along the rail lines, balancing the rails like they were a tightrope under my feet. The whole mythology and history of the train is a powerful part of North American history, the first time that the whole continent was tied together by mass transportation.

So yeah, a hobo party. Just a gas stove (since the authoritays might well take exception to the traditional fire, though I’d still love to try), cheap, simple food (maybe even dumspter dived, who knows?) and musical instruments. No flashlights. No radios. No pretense. Just the sky above, the bubbling pot and the gleaming rails. Harmonica and guitar, train whistles and crickets. I think its be a true experience, one of simplicity, something we sorely lack these days.

Plus getting prepared for a hobo party couldn’t be easier. Put on all of your worst clothes, bring a milk crate or a bucket for a chair and a bent coat hangar for a BBQ stick. No trouble, no fuss, no judgement, just people enjoying the night and the simple pleasures of being alive.

Anyone want to be a hobo for a night?


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