Get Some Green

So here we go. Read this article. Then come back.

Goodness all those words. I’m sorry, but it had to be done. Heathens.

This touches on something that I’ve thought about often and explains my love/hate ambivalence with the city. Okay actually I love cities, big cities with lots of people and things going on. I thirst for that stimulation, but yeah, it gets tiring. When I think of those peaceful moments on a mountain, or a country road, or down a storm drain (getting under the city is almost as good as getting out of it) I feel a strange sense of nostalgia and longing. Fresh air, birds and trees sure are nice. So are clouds. My god clouds. Awesome.

Its like of like comparing classical music to electronica. One of them makes you want to dance, the other one’s great for lying on the grass watching cumulous nimbus sail past.

Montreal is better than average on the park front. I really love the canal near my apartment, even if I don’t go there nearly enough. Mont Royal and Parc Lafontaine are marvels, but again I don’t get to them often enough.

One thought might be to change our current city model into something more akin to Europe with small clusters of towns with parks and countryside in between. Or maybe we can simply modify our existing metropolises. We could begin with getting rid of all those goddam billboards like Sao Paulo did recently and Quebec City is planning to do. That being done the next logical move to my mind would be to get 90% of cars and trucks off of the roads. Use the space freed up by those muliple lanes of traffic and parking lots to put in more public parks and squares. Noise pollution cut. Air pollution cut. The danger of psychotic motorists cut.

You may say that I’m a dreamer.

Okay it would require some immense changes, but what if everyone’s productivity went up even 1%? What if medical costs went down 1%? Domestic violence down 1%? Now what if those figures were actually 2% or 5%? What about all the other sectors of society that would benefit?

Might happen one day.



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