Minerva’s Owl, Sandman Speaks

Sleep is a vexing issue for me. A truly devious subject that I wish I could understand. Unfortunately the role which it plays in my life is far from opaque and I wrestle with it from time to time, such as now.

Due to a scheduling mishap (itself brought on by a lack of sleep and my own subsequent errors thanks to) I am working predominantly in the mornings this month – some as early as 4:30. Today marks my first round of trying to make a new routine out of it. Get up early. Go to work. Stay up (no napping). Go to bed. Repeat. To most of you this should seem normal. For me it is not. Historically when faced with appalingly early work hours I’ve tended to return to a mid day nap of several hours, then proceed to stay up to some ungodly hour that is far too close to the ringing of the alarm’s bell. So staying up all day today was something of an anomoly.

Theory would suggest that I go to bed relatively early then, after being awake for 20+ hours. And yet, I am restless and writing here in my blog, in my bed, toes frantically twitching for someplace to be.

I have no doubt that I could make it to 24 hours of awake time with minimal fuss. Followed by a good 12 hour dead zone hybernation.

Does this mean that my body prefers to run on a 36 hour clock? I’ve noticed this before. I simply cannot get to sleep before the wee hours of the morning except under unusual circumstances. I like finishing my day with a good sunrise. This applies even if I’ve been up since the previous sunrise. Absurd. Ridiculous. Fact.

Assuming the 36 hour theory bears weight I am in some real trouble. I would effectively be living my life 1.5 days at a time, not a schedule that is easy to bend to the mould that society hands us.

But I am happier like this. I felt very awake and very productive today. Moreso than usual. How to make it all work?

I don’t know, but moring shifts this month do give me an opportunity to investigate, to taste and refine the right recipe of sleep and wakefulness.


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