Left? Right? Cut off both.

I have to say, its reached the point in the US electoral campaign where I no longer care who wins. The only thing that gets to me now is partisanship. I’m so sick of it. I think the thing that has really demonstrated to me how ridiculous the whole thing is are comment fields.

Lots of websites these days have a comments section for readers to respond to articles, videos, etc. When it comes to anything political I see the same thing over and over again. Left wingers hurling indignant wailing at conservatives and conservatives assailing left wingers with venom.

This is not a nation engaged in spirited debate, discussion of issues and ideas to resolve those issues. Rather its a nation divided against itself in a braindead scrum. Both sides are perfectly happy to lie and cheat, scream and shout, but nobody is willing to actually talk about anything of substance. We hear a lot about change, but all that’s really on the table is what kind of dishes to use, not what we’re actually going to eat.

Does anyone actually buy this illusion of democracy?


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