Maybe McCain/Palin is the way to go

And I’m being entirely serious. Maybe having an unstable, unhealthy and inconsistent “maverick” as president with an inexperienced bimbo soccer mom for a VP would do the United States some good. Why? Because only they have the power to fuck things up even worse than the Dubbya posse has.

Given all the stupid, backhanded, unethical and greedy things that the Bush administration has done its a bit shocking that there hasn’t been a popular uprising in the U S of A. I think the rest of the world is aghast that y’all have let things get this fucked up and yet have done nothing about it. For a nation that likes to talk about freedom and democracy there doesn’t seem to be much getting done to stop the downward spiral, and that’s why I think McCain/Palin might just be the ticket.

Imagine if things got incomparably worse…

Best case scenario I think is that McCain gets into a war with Iran, further fucks up the economy, then due to medical problems (he won’t show us his health records) our wolverine with lipstick Sarah Palin becomes commander in chief. If that doesn’t scare you at all, watch this.

As I see it taking America from its current state of “pretty bad” to outright “disaster” would result in one of two things. A) A popular uprising from within the country, when Americans finally realise that Freedom and Democracy means TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR COUNTRY YOURSELF. Or B) The rest of the world decides that giving the keys to the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world to a former pageant queen who can “see Russia from her house” is a fucking stupid idea and moves in to tear the whole corrupted thing apart. I mean if the US can go to Iraq to “liberate” its people from a corrupt and evil government well… I think the civilized world has a bit of an obligation to the American people.

Voting for Obama might just be rational enough to keep the whole charade going for another decade or two. Obama could probably grab the reigns tight enough and wrestle the country into some kind of terrible holding pattern of the edge of the cliff rather than careening off of it. But how long can a nation wobble on the edge of a cliff? It might just be time to start over from scratch…


One comment

  1. jannx · October 7, 2008

    I’d vote for those two if I thought it would help to tank the US. The US can’t get better until it gets so sick it decides to deal with the illness.

    Maybe WE should build a wall along the 49th parallel. Just in case they try and over run our system after crashing theirs. It’s not as far out as it sounds.

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