God Save the Queen

Today came great news from across the pond. My company just signed an interline agreement with British Airways, meaning that I (and other cronies at my company) can now fly standby on British Airways for… well… let’s just say it beats the train, by a lot. The only hitch being that I can only request one pass a year. Hmmm. So the question is, of more than 600 destinations, where should I go?

A quick look at this map and you’ll see my quandry. Europe? East or west? Asia? Africa? Just about any major city on the planet really.

Really it all comes down to time. I only have so many days of vacation and even if I manage to ditch extra days off, where’s the money going to come from? Still, its an opportunity NOT to be wasted. This is the reason one works for an airline in the first place. To launch over oceans and mountain ranges with the change you find buried in the couch.

Time to study, the globe…


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