Burning Hats

I’ve discovered that the best way to fix your hats after a hard week of sun, dust and being crushed in the back of a u-haul trailer under a cooler and three bikes is to take a shower with it. In fact the best way to deal with playa dust on coats, backpacks and other assorted accoutrements is to take a shower with them on. I mean you just spent a week naked in the desert, might as well spend a few minutes fully clothed in the shower – right?

An additional benefit to showering with your burn hats on is that you can reshape them perfectly to the contours of your noggin, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Next week, how to cure that peculiar itch in your crotch that you’ve had ever since that orange bunny slept in your tent on burn night using only toothpaste, speaker wire and 9V batteries…


One comment

  1. davidwells · September 16, 2008

    i have used the “hat in the shower” method for years. Also a great way to break in a new hat, like you said, to get it to form to the shape of your head.

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