So I’ve been working myself into a frenzy the last twenty four hours or so by watching documentaries about oil, namely Robert Newman’s comedic History of Oil, Amory Lovins talk at TED and Who Killed the Electric Car? I’ve been alternating from despair to outrage to a serious case of “I’ve gotta do something!”

Hard to believe I didn’t think of this sooner. Many of us want to save the environment AND continue to live with our admittedly excessive standard of living. With peak oil and global warming not only looming but sitting right there in the room (shhhh! nobody say anything!) we really, really need to act. The self-centered part of me is just worried about filling the tank in the car, paying the bills and what’s going to happen to my WestJet stock if oil prices keep climbing. Which is what led me to this…

If I’m worried about my stocks maybe I can save myself with other stocks, namely green stocks. If through my investments I can help alternative energy producers gain a foothold and develop their technology, well my bills will go down, there’ll be less demand for oil – lowering or stabilizing the price, which helps my WestJet stock, and on top of it all I’ll be making money off of the alternative energy stocks as they become more and more popular.


Amazing that selfishness leads to saving the world but it does.

So I’m entering the hardcore research phase. I don’t have a ton to invest, but I’ll put in what I can, and when I can afford it, well I’ll be driving an electric car and just keep pushing this wave onwards.

I may not have the scientific or legislative know-how to make big changes for the environment, but I can give money to the people who do. And so can you.



  1. jannx · May 23, 2008

    Ummm buy some oil/energy royalty trusts. Do some research or contact an advisor. Also if you use a bank to hold your stocks they may have free market research info you can access. It’s a goddam jungle out there so don’t get greedy on returns because that’s where most of the money is lost. Go for track record and quality/consistent returns.

    Good luck.

  2. kayorsonsweaver · May 23, 2008

    I’m looking at it in terms of social, environmental, political and economic returns all at once – as such I’m more interested in investing in the green tech than the oily stuff. Two big winners are looking like batteries and solar – both of which are on the verge of becoming much, much more practical thanks to new science.

  3. jannx · May 26, 2008

    tech stocks can be a tough bet. Check the odds they’re very low. Think about using a conduit for the technology itself, like some of the power trusts. I think there’s one called Algonquin or something like that. Key is there’s no tax on these ‘investment trust units’ if they’re in your RRSP. Look for investment products like a power distribution business that buys power from the technology itself and then distributes it to consumers like us.

    That might save you from capital loss, while achieving some level of support for these technologies you’ve suggested.

    TTYL , Jx

    for your research…

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