WANTED: Mechanic Friend

Position to be filled immediately. Must have working knowledge of Japanese imports from the mid-1990’s. Must be thorough and take pride in their work. Must be patient and able to explain work in layman’s terms. Ideally is willing to work side by side with the vehicle owner on fixing issues, forcing said white collar schlep to get his hands dirty.

Willing to work for cost of components plus hefty helpings of beer, pizza, poutine and the occasional buddy pass.

Must be genuinely passionate about cars.

Applicants with an interest in art cars will be given special consideration.

Just spent $70 at Canadian Tire to be told they didn’t really feel like my car needed any work, despite the fact my gas mileage has gone down by 10%-20% in the past four months. Some cursory reading of information on the Internet on automotives gives me some idea of things that might need looking at. Not likely I’ll trust it to a bunch of twats who get paid by the hour and don’t have any relationship with the car owner though. Fuck that.


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