You know what I miss about Calgary? Its not the mountains, the clean air, the incredulous civic pride or even the people (sorry guys). The thing I miss most about Calgary, boom time Calgary, is the power I held over the head of my employers. Shit man. How fucking awesome was that? I could dictate my hours, my days off even get time and a half just for coming in or staying late. All that was required was the threat that I might leave and I got everything I wanted. Not so now.

The biggest obstacle to my really enjoying myself and getting the most out of life here in Montreal is my schedule. I only get three out of seven nights off and those nights are invariably Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – not exactly peak times for happenings about town or more importantly nights I want to create happenings. I could go back to mornings, but anything before 6am is pretty much lethal to my owl’s internal clock. Another alternative is applying for part time which has more varied shifts, but that would probably lead to troubles come school time. But hell, where there’s a will there’s a way. Spring and summer schedule will be a different beast from what I’ve dealt with in fall and winter. I’m also the sort to approach scheduling and management and present a mutually beneficial alternative. You don’t get if you don’t ask.


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