Synchronistic Happenings

Had a great chat with Amira a few nights ago in the pish posh Air Can lounge at YUL, and that as much as anything seems a great place to launch into a tale about the wonders of synchronicity and intentional living. As I left work I turned on my phone, and before I’d even left the building got a surprise SMS message from Amira that she was in the lounge sipping on fine scotch and I was invited to join her. Delightful. Mark one up on the board for lovely synchronicities, which is something we got to talking about. Good things just seem to happen to people who expect them, no planning, no work, just an awareness of what you want and the sensitivity to see when the universe is nudging you that way. So I thought I’d think back to some of those instances which have been bountiful recently.

Perhaps most recent are a couple of great little tidbits that I just had to be in the right place at the right time. First…

Living Room Cinematheque needs a projector. I mean that’s the only way you can really have a cinema is if you have a projector right? Now I was seriously contemplating dropping a cool ‘thou on a new unit, but fate had other plans. Idly browsing craigslist a couple of days ago I happened upon a decent projector, a couple of years old but still a trooper – barely used and selling for a cool $300. Bulbs cost more than that! The fellow who’s selling it seems friendly and nice and the only other people who’ve looked at it have been tire kickers. So tomorrow morning its mine. Living Room Cinematheque, VJing and photon street tagging are all a mere day away.

Next I’m applying for a new part time freelance job that I found out about quite by accident. One of my friends had an interesting little tag ling on her MSN that reminded me of an old blog post I’d made, so I sent it to her. She read it, declared my writing fantastic and recommended I check out a job posting from the company she freelances for. I read up on it, determined that I could definitely do it and… well I’m in the application process now. I’d say wish me luck, but I don’t need it. Send it along if you insist though, maybe it’ll spill over.

Other things include the super super 8 haul from a few weeks ago, the super 8 wedding gig, finding this apartment, getting a load of money to loan my old apartment out to a film crew, getting a deluge of film & video gigs right after being downgraded to casual at work, the perfect timing of my transfer to Montreal. That’s just big things off the top of my head, never mind all the little daily things that are beautiful and fantastic.

Intention is the key to controlling the events in our dreams – and isn’t waking life just another side of our dreams? Keep your focus, and keep your faith in yourself and the benevolence of the universe.


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